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Family Travel

Family Travel

Visiting Brooklyn's Prospect Park

Often times when we think about NYC parks we think of Central Park, or even Riverside Park on the West side. There may even be a few others in the island of Manhattan that come to mind. However, Brooklyn is home to another park treasure worth the train trip to...(more)

Three Fun Children's Museums on New York

New York City has tons of museums that are welcoming of families and many even offer family-centric events. However, these museums were design and run with little ones in mind, making sure that their young visitors can the most out of educational entertainment....(more)

A Day at The American Museum of Natural History

One of the most popular museums for families in New York City is also a home to a collection of artifacts and exhibits that detail everything from the history of the new York region and its people to the wonders of space....(more)

Tips Before Taking A Cruise Vacation

Cruising is something that most people either really enjoy, or really don't.But a cruise can be a great way for even a non-fan to cover a lot of territory in a short period of time and maybe even decide on places that they may want to visit later on for a longer stay....(more)

Vacation Packages

Christmas Vacation Packages in Branson, Missouri

Branson, Missouri, is one of the most popular vacation destinations for families. It presents several opportunities for year-round family fun. Consequently, there are several types of vacation packages that have been designed to give families the perfect getaway together during the holiday season, which runs from late November to early January. Read on for some special Christmas vacation packages in Branson....(more)

Family Travel Companies

The holiday period provides families with the opportunity to visit popular destinations that are filled with various types of attractions. Preparing for such a vacation can be stressful and daunting, especially if a family is traveling to a particular place for the first time. Given this, there are many travel companies in the United States that organize vacation trips for families as well as individual travelers. However, these companies differ in terms of their reputation and the quality of services that they offer. These companies also offer different family vacation packages. Below are some of the family travel companies in the United States that have received positive reviews and recommendations from their customers....(more)

Consider a Ranch Getaway for Your Family

If you're searching for a unique trip this year sure to entertain the whole family, consider a dude ranch. Those getaway spots are all over the country and offer a healthy dose of cowboy with a splash of the Wild West. If you're considering a ranch getaway for your family this year, here are a few ranches you can use to start your search....(more)

Amusement Parks

Two Fun Waterparks in Long Island, NY

Most families looking to enjoy a vacation near the Big Apple, might enjoy a day trip to a couple of Long Island's most fun water parks....(more)

Finding the Real Mexico at Xcaret Eco Theme Park

Many Americans are familiar with the so-called Riviera Maya, the strip of sandy white beaches that runs along the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. Lined with luxury hotels this area feels more like an extension of the United States with a Mexican theme than an actual part of Mexico. However, for those families who want to venture beyond the tourist beaches and see the real country, Xcaret Eco Theme Park awaits. Here, visitors can see ancient Mayan ruins, swim with dolphins, or take in a nightly show....(more)

Dining at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, is home to world-class resorts, dynamic water parks, and amazing theme parks. It is also home to some of the top rated restaurants in the world. No Disney vacation is complete without enjoying some of the best food that the resort has to offer. The key to making Walt Disney World dining reservations is to plan ahead....(more)