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Family Travel


Best Way to Get Around New York City

With so much to see and so much territory to cover when visiting New York City, it's important to know what the best ways to get around are. Having information on the available methods of transportation can save money and time....(more)

Flying with Family

Traveling by air is often the fastest way to get to your destination. In fact, for some trips, air travel is the only travel option available. A plane trip with your family can be very stressful, especially if that family involves small children. With some thoughtful planning and preparation, you can fly with family without the stress....(more)

Holiday Traveling: Places to Visit

There is no lack of interesting, fun, and exciting destinations for holiday family travel. Whether including only the immediate family, or taking the entire brood, there are packages fit for every situation. Holiday traveling is intended to be stress free and calming, but the planning alone can cause that very stress you are looking to eliminate. Using various resources for fun holiday planning can take the stress out of holiday travel and allow you and your family to truly enjoy the vacation....(more)

5 Tips for Soothing Carsick Travelers

Nothing ruins family travel quite so quickly as a member of the family, or the entire family, getting carsick. Regardless of the type of transportation you are using, motion sickness can take the fun out of a vacation in minutes. Car travel, however, usually means a much longer time coping with the misery of dizziness, disorientation, and nausea caused by conflicting messages sent to the brain from the eyes and inner ears. Preventing the sickness from developing or handling it after it has already come about can greatly improve your vacation experience....(more)

Family Resorts

Table for Two Plus Two: Best Resorts for Kids

When it comes to planning a family vacation, there's nothing more challenging than researching the best places for children. Finding that happy medium where the kids will have fun and mom and dad will still feel like they got a vacation is very important. The great news is that families can have fun vacations and still avoid the typical theme parks. Here are five failsafe choices to make sure your family has an enjoyable vacation....(more)

South of the Border Family Friendly Resorts

Millions of Americans took their vacation south of the border last year, making it by far the most popular destination country. The many visitors to Mexico can choose from a variety of family resorts, full of activities for all ages. Don't rely too much on babysitters and staff, though- spending your vacation together will make any resort family friendly. Experience the wonders Mexico has to offer, and come back with a new appreciation of your neighbors to the south....(more)

Choosing the Best Mexican Family Resorts

Choosing a family resort for your next vacation might not be the easiest of tasks. It involves a lot of planning and thinking. Often it's very hard to find the right balance between having fun and reassuring yourself that your kids will have fun too. There is the chance that a hotel might look good in its description, but actually be nothing more than a mediocre resort with nothing special in it. Here are some things you should and shouldn't do when choosing your Mexican family resorts....(more)

Domestic Vacations

Portland, OR in One Day

Portland, OR is a cool, hip city in the lush, green Oregon state. It is known for its quirkiness and artist vibe and it is celebrated for its music scene and its food, making it a fun place to visit....(more)

Things to do in Santa Fe, NM

The people and colorful scenery of Santa Fe, New Mexico has long been a favorite of artists and those looking to escape to a place where natural beauty abounds and cultural heritage is displayed for all to enjoy....(more)

Exploring Richmond, VA

To visit Richmond, VA is to discover a city rich in history, culture, friendly residents, and good food....(more)